Friday, October 19, 2012

A whole lot of things have gone by since last I wrote anything in this blog. I could plead busy, but that's not good enough. A few books have come out since way back then. And here we are about ready to sign off on 2012.

 Took a long trip through Arizona on my way to the WWA convention in Albuquerque this year. Got to see Fort Apache up close and personal for the first time in about fifty years. That was some fort in its time. Worth a visit to any western history buff. Better than going to Monument Valley by far. I put a lot of the pics on Facebook, but I think I'll put them up here, too. Maybe do a bit of explaining at the same time.

In my novel Guns of Ponderosa, bounty hunter Matthew Stryker gets beaten about the face with brass knuckles, and the scars made him somewhat less than a handsome man. Not long ago, Road to Rimrock came out from Black Horse Westerns. This book also features Matt Stryker, but as the marshal of Rimrock, a small town above the Mogollon Rim that looked like it was dying. On Matt's watch, the town drunk is killed, but not before he's asked Matt to take care of some things in case he dies. Keeping that promise gets Matt Stryker into more trouble than a man might think possible. Trouble that leads from Prescott, Arizona, right back up the Road to Rimrock. Try it. You might like it.

As ever, the Book Depository is the best place to buy Black Horse Westerns because they pay shipping world around.

Just a few days ago, Western Trail Blazer issued my novel Pitchfork Justice. It's the love story between a landed heiress and a footloose cowboy. And that means trouble. Lots of trouble. This novel is a Havelock story, and Ness Havelock gets more than his share of trouble. But he's got all the character you'd want in a good man, because that's exactly what he is: a good man.

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