Sunday, October 28, 2012

Six-Guns and Slay Bells -- Story 3

Bitter Mountain

Donald Andrews killed Curtis Baker for no more reason than he wanted Baker’s wife for himself. He wasn’t too happy about the boy that came with the deal, but figured he could work around that.

He’d felt a spark from Martha the moment he met her. It wasn’t that he hated Baker, he just wanted Martha more. He figured it would be next to heaven living with her. But he had to compete with a ghost to get her. That’s some competition.

And even after he’d won her hand, the ghost would not let go. What’s more, it had a tighter hold on the son than on the mother.

The kid came right out and said it. “I don’t like him.”

But Baker was dead on Bitter Mountain. Dead and moldering. Dead and gone. Left his wife and son behind. Gone. Gone. Gone.

But little Jimmy says his daddy’s bringing a Christmas present. The best present he’s ever had.

From Bitter Mountain.

This story’s from Troy Smith, who frying college kids’ brains with dry history when he’s not writing award-winning historical novels. One of the fine authors who belongs to Western Fictioneers.