Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lazy days, my . . .

So how long have I been ignoring my blog? Far too long.

A new Chuck Tyrell novel is coming out from Hale's Black Horse Western line at the end of November. You can pre-order it from the Book Depository. The title is A Man Called Breed, and it deals with the problems a man can come up against when his father is an unknown white man and his mother was a Cheyenne killed by the Colorado Volunteers at Sand Creek. He's mustered out of the army civilian scout corps, gone mustanging, built a grubstake, and now he wants to get his ranch going. Along the way, he gains a follower named Sparrow and a woman named Blessing. But the Fowleys are out to get him, and won't let well enough alone. The Breed meets them with a Bowie and a one-in-a-thousand Winchester '73. Believe me. He's been there and done that. More than once.