Thursday, October 25, 2012

Six-Guns and Slay Bells -- Christmas anthology

Sheriff Santa

Western Fictioneers, the organization of authors who write Western fiction, recently published a strange new book: Six-Guns and Slay Bells. Christmas in the West, with a liberal touch of the paranormal. What’s more, it works.

In this book, you get the best writers in the genre giving you the best Christmas present ever. The Western stories you love, mixed with a dollop of supernatural.

Let me tell you about the first story in the anthology—Sheriff Santa and the Ghost of Two-Gun Jim.

It all happens in a town where a portly sheriff also plays Santa Claus every year. Only last year, someone tried to hold up the bank and Sheriff Santa had to stop it . . . in his Santa suit. Furthermore, Sheriff Santa doesn’t need either a fake beard or a fake belly.

Each year, it seems, the suit must be let out a little to fit the ever more portly Sheriff Santa. And while the fitting is going on, robbers hit the bank again.

Now, you’ll just have to read the story, by prolific Western author Robert Randisi, to see how Sheriff Santa subdues the outlaws, or does he?

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