Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Making of Guns of Ponderosa -- Part V

The first thing a town-taming marshal does is publish a set of rules. Wyatt Earp did it. Bill Hickock did it. It's stock in trade.

I've never seen a set of "marshal's rules" that didn't include a "no one's to wear guns in town" restriction. That's one of the things Matt Stryker did with his "laws" in Ponderosa. And enforcing those rules led to a new lesson for Dan Brady. Enforcing them also led Prudence Comstock to periodically write blistering editorials against the star-bearing men of the law.

A well-known photo of Wyatt Earp

You'll also notice at each altercation, the man known as Breed seems to hang back a bit. He also voices his conviction that men should not hurt women early on. We'll get back to that later.

Matt gets the town quieted down, but feels uneasy about Nate Cahill's seeming lack of action. Then Comstock comes with a proposition.

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