Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brand new start

At last I'm started on a new BHW. The working title is A Man Called Breed. The story begins at La Paz on the Colorado River and moves out into the Mohave Desert. Breed is a man who shuns sixguns in favor of a 14-inch Bowie knife and a one-in-a-thousand Winchester '73.

In Arizona military history, there's a half-breed scout named Mickey Free. My man Breed is not based on Free, but the scout was a well-known breed. Another well-known half white, half Indian family was the Tewksburys, who lived in the Tonto Basin near the Mogollon Rim.

Now I have my character and his complication. A girl is in the equation all ready. We'll just have to see where it all goes.

Photo of Mickey Free: Sharlot Hall Museum.

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