Monday, March 1, 2010

The Making of Guns of Ponderosa -- Part IV

Matt Stryker is just like the Magnificent Seven. Remember what happened after Eli Wallach ran the Mag7 out of town the first time? He gave them their guns and told them to leave well enough alone.

Nate Cahill heard that Matt Stryker was coming to tame his town. He paid a bunch of rowdy cowboys to partially castrate Stryker's Arabian stallion and to rope Stryker himself and bring him to Cahill's lair, the saloon Old Glory.

Cahill beat Stryker with a formed piece of lead in his right fist. The extra weight behind Cahill's punches crushed the bones in Stryker's face and tore it dreadfully, marring the bounty hunter's visage for life. Still, Cahill made a fatal mistake, just as Eli Wallach did. He didn't kill Stryker, he rode him out of town on his own Arabian stallion, sitting backwards in the saddle.

Matt Stryker was not a man who could be humiliated so; he would and did return to bring Cahill's card house down.

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