Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Western in 30 working days--kinda 4

My great grandfather put roots down in Joseph City, AZ.
He kilned 40,000+ bricks to build this house, which my grandfather
later purchased from him. The house still stands, an important historical property.

Today, just little part of Chapter Three. Something Stryker is thinking about.

Roots. Stryker stared at the celadon cup. Roots. Almost everyone he knew and trusted had roots. Ness Havelock at the RP Connected. Garet Havelock at the H Cross on Silver Creek. Wolf Wilder had the Flying W in Long Pine Canyon. Real Lee and Lilywhite seemed settled down in Payson. Laurel Baker and Finn McBride were married and their Rafter P supplied Ponderosa with good beef and better horses. The McCulloughs had their place in the Blues.


Stryker’s thoughts returned to Catherine de Merode, as they so often did. “Wire me, send me a letter, use one of those new telephones to talk to me, it doesn’t matter how you contact me, Matt, but when you’re ready to put down some roots, as soon as I can find transportation to wherever you are, I will come.”


Word count: 6435