Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Japanese reader comments on The Snake Den

I received this email from a Japanese woman (dare I say housewife?) who I met on Twitter. Remember that she's reading The Snake Den in English, which is a second language for her.

Charlie san

I've just read this book, "The Snake Den".
I couldn't stop reading when I had my time.
Thank you for the good time.

This story is different from others which I've read.
The boy is only 14 when he entered in the prison, I felt like as if I were his mother at first.
So I was very worried about him but soon I noticed even though he was too young, didn't have physical strength, to survive there,
he had a strong mind, a strong will. His strength made him physically stronger during this hard time.
It was a tough story but I believed in this boy because of his character.
I'd like to know this brave and honest young man's next story. He's still so young.
And I like people around Shawn who took care of him, supported him, treated him as a human being.
There are lots of nice people in this story...

I'm so glad after I've finished it, I could send you email.
I can say thank you directly and it's so nice.
Thank you so much!


(name withheld to protect the writer's privacy)