Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Comanche's Revenge

The Comanche’s Revenge is a Black Horse Western by D.M. Harrison, and it’s a good one.

The boy Mitch Bayfield got captured by the Comanches, who named him Broke because of his wounded leg. Now Broke has returned to Hell, the town that left him to die by Comanche lance. He’s back, and he wants revenge.

Broke’s revenge is aimed not only at his older half-brothers who left him as dead, but the whole town, because no one came to look for him. But Broke finds that revenge may not give him a sweet taste when it’s over. And when it is over, Broke finds he must leave, regardless of the fact that his father wills him the ranch, regardless of the fact there’s a young lady available, regardless of the fact a whole town now owes him, Broke must leave. But why?

Let me say it again. D.M. Harrison has written a good Western novel. And the follow-up to The Comanche’s Revenge is in the production process as you read this review.