Thursday, May 26, 2011

Read Vulture Gold

Just a reminder. My novel Vulture Gold is available at SmashWords for just $2.99, and I guarantee that it's a good read. We are so lucky to live in an era when so much good reading is available for so little money. It almost feels like dime novels are back. Here's the blurb for Vulture Gold. The novel is also available at CreateSpace in trade paperback for $8.95.

Vulture Gold

Garet Havelock, Vulture City‘s marshal, attempts to stop the theft of $100,000 in bullion from the Vulture Mine headquarters.

An old nemesis, Barnabas Donovan, is responsible and leaves a trail of dead behind him. A kidnapping, gunfights with Indians, and chasing the gold bring the marshal to meet the one woman he can‘t forget and forces choices on him no man should have to make.

Now, Havelock must survive the Apache ―run of death,― and face Donovan‘s gunslingers to get back the gold.

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