Saturday, April 9, 2011

Buy this book. Help the victims of Japan's earthquake and tsunami


The title story of this collection is the same story that won the 2010 Oaxaca International Literature Competition. This is the first time the story has ever been published. And with it, other stories I have written that are set in Japan, plus a look at a brand new series called Chronicles of the Dark Mirror. A full chapter of the first book, The Seeker.

The only thing I do well is write. When the earthquake hit Kobe in 1995, friends and I hauled food and necessities from Tokyo to Kobe. But this time, the damage and the suffering makes Kobe look like a picnic. (I apologize to the people in Kobe for that simile but the destruction and the death toll and the homelessness in Tohoku is so vast, it defies description.) Aerial comparisons of before and after are shocking to say the least. And the only thing I can do is write.

So I decided to let you read these stories and help the people in Tohoku at the same time. Buy this book for a buck -- well, for 99 cents -- and I and my publisher will give all the income we receive from your purchases to worthy charities that are helping in Tohoku. I will personally pick the charities and I will personally report to you about what has been or is being done.

Help me out. Buy this book of stories about Japan. Get your friends to buy a copy, too. Spread the word. Help me help the victims of Japan's horrendous earthquake and tsunami.

If you'd rather buy from Amazon for your Kindle, the link is HERE. But be advised that the Kindle version is more expensive. Thanks.



  1. Not turning up for me. What am I doing wrong?

  2. David, you need to chage the link to the actual book. I think Ron has the same problems.

  3. I'll be purchasing a copy, Charlie. A real fine thing you're doing here.

  4. I've got the Smashwords page inserted, but Rebecca tells me we're something like No.1226 in line, so it will take a bit more time for the book to respond to the link. Right now it tells you the book is no longer available. A little more patience, please. Thanks for your support.

  5. The book is live now, so buy one and spread the word, folks! A Matter of Tea at Smashwords

    Here's the address to copy to your emails/Facebook/blogs, etc.:

  6. The sales have started showing up now, so please keep passing the word. Thank you to Charlie for coming up with this and providing his stories, but a huge thanks to all of you who are buying the book and spreading the word.