Monday, February 7, 2011

Letter from a reader of Vulture Gold

Hello, Charlie san

I've just finished your book "Vulture Gold".
What a great story it is!
And I'm so glad Havelock made it.

This is the story you wrote last year, right?
I realized when Havelock survived in the desert.

Your stories are always different and I can't tell what's happen next until I've finished it.
That makes me excited.
But this time "Vulture Gold" was difficult to read for me.
There were lots of words I did not know, so I've read with my dictionary.
Even though it took long time, I couldn't stop it because of the characters!
The characters you wrote are always so attractive.
I wanted to make sure if Havelock is happy in the end or not.
So I'm so glad he made it!

And I wanted to say
Thank you so much
for letting me know this great story.

regards, (name withheld to protect privacy)

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