Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Killing Trail

Robert Hale Ltd. informs me that The Killing Trail, my sixth Black Horse Western, will be published on June 30, 2010.

The Dylan brothers ride high in Ouray, Colorado, until they bully a drifter who leaves three of them dead in the street. Nat Dylan, the youngest, swears to hunt down the drifter, Jared Carter, and avenge his brothers. Carter’s trail leads into Arizona country where Dylan meets Wagonwheel owner Colonel Alton Jackson and hires on to kill Jared Carter. But the more he learns of Carter and Jackson, the more he finds himself on the wrong side. He meets Carmen Vasquez, who sees him as an honorable man, and he feels the mutual attraction. Still, on his honor he must call out Jared Carter, but can he survive a gunfight with the man who killed three Dylans by himself?

I think it's a good read. Anyone want to review it?



  1. I see your link to Novel Matters, and after a look there I find that it's a team of women "Christian" writers who advocate glorifying the Creator as a chief objective of fiction-writing. How does this square with your own aims as a writer, and BTW, I'd be interested in reviewing your new book.

  2. Oops on the Novel Matters thing. Didn't look at the content closely enough, I reckon. Get to me on Black Horse Westerns Yahoo group and I'll talk to you about a review.

  3. Hi Chuck!
    I am chair of Meldrum Writers' Group in Aberdeenshire, Scotland & we hold several small competitions each year, just amoung ourselves. We have just finished a Crime Fiction Competition and our Love Story comp ends in 3 weeks. Our next genre selected is a Western, and I wondered if you would do us the honour of judging it? There will probably be no more than 6 stories (although it is more likely to be 4) and each story is a maximum of 5000 words. We are happy to let our judge have as much time as he or she needs to look at our stories. You can contact me through my blog www.nettiethomson/, facebook ( or twitter (@NettieWriter) Our closing date is 18th August so the judging would be anytime after that. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Good luck with your new boook! Nettie x

  4. OK, see intro from "Rock" posted today.

  5. Great. Fascinating intro. Did you post the URL for your blog? I don't remember seeing it.

  6. I'm here on blogspot:

    Or you can just click through on my pic.